Our next Sermon Series, 'Revelation: History's Pattern, God's Promise will run throughout May.

“A symbolic vision for every generation of the church that reveals history’s pattern (All human kingdoms become Babylon and must be resisted) and God’s promise (Jesus will return to remove evil from his world).” (Bible Project)


This might be exciting and daunting in equal measure for you! I’m praying that by the end of our Sunday sermon series and small group sessions, we’ll each feel more inspired and confident about this extraordinary part of Scripture as we look at History’s Pattern and God’s Promise. With shocking imagery, lofty visions of the Almighty God, history defying promises of God’s reign of restoration and cosmic scale battles, there’s certainly more than we can do justice to in 5 weeks, so below are a series of extra resources that will help you get familiar with Revelation and some of it’s themes. Please do be in touch with any thoughts, questions or revelations of your own as we tackle this together. Martha.simpson@stmaryscnorton.com


Reading plan:

Want to read through the whole book during our series? Follow this weekly reading plan.

Each week’s reading includes the passage for Sunday so you’ll be familiar with it before you hear it in church.


Week Beginning Chapters Sunday Passage
25th April 1-2 Ch 1
2nd May 3-4 Ch 3 7-13
9th May 5-10 Ch 5
16th May 11-15 Ch 15
23rd May  16-22 Ch 19 11-21


The Bible Project do short animated video’s on every book of the Bible. They are EXCELLENT for orientation and I can’t recommend them enough! They’ve split Revelation into two sections.




Revelation For Everyone, N.T Wright - An excellent guide in accessible language. Good place to start if you want to get a proper handle on the book as a whole.


The Theology of the Book of Revelation, Richard Bauckham - the ‘go to’ book for understanding the profound theology and historical context of Revelation. A more academic, but quite short read for those who want to go deeper.


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