Setting a Watch

'Setting a watch' (Habakkuk 2:1)

We're ‘setting a watch’ of prayer, morning and evening, and we’d love you all to take a stand with us.

You'd be so welcome to join in on any day of the week or weekend to pray for the needs of individuals, our church, our community, our nation and our world.

Each day, please join us on Zoom for half an hour to pray at either 6am or 6pm (or both!)


Topic: 'Setting a Watch' prayer time
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Passcode: SetAWatch

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What is it?

Half an hour to meet with others to start the day off in prayer, or draw a close to your working day.

Can I join part way through the slot/leave early?

Yes, you can join at any point. It's very informal. People duck out to attend to their children or stop the cooking from boiling over. People listen in from their cars.

How do I join? 

You need to have Zoom on your system (free from the App Store) then at the right time select “Join” a meeting. It will ask for the meeting ID number which is 982 6503 6092 and the password which is “SetAWatch”.

If I come once, do I have to commit to keeping attending?

No! Come once to see if it’s for you. Different combinations meet every day, so no-one will be monitoring your attendance!

Prayer meetings are hard for me because I can never think of enough to say. Do I have to pray aloud?

No. God needs people to listen, pray in their hearts, and say Amen too. The meetings are short, so you can speak if you like, but there's no big pressure to think of lots of things to say.

I'm never quite sure of what the "rules" are with this type of prayer meeting. How do I know if I'm praying the right things? Can I pray about something that someone's already prayed for? What if no-one's saying anything? What if two people speak at once??

There aren't really any "rules" at these prayer meetings! Sometimes there's silence, but it's not "awkward" silence - it's a time to enjoy God's presence together. None of your prayers will be deemed wrong. No-one will mind if you lose your thread half-way through. If someone else starts speaking at the same time that's fine - just say "after you"!

Does everyone have to see what I look like first thing in the morning??!

No! You can opt to join without video which means you are fully participating but can’t be seen. To be heard you need to turn off the mute button, which is easy.

Does everyone have to hear our household waking up, making the tea, or the dog barking in the background?

No! Just put yourself on mute.

Is the tech difficult?

No. We all help each other... “You’re on mute!” is a common cry!

How many people on average 'zoom in' each session? 

2 the smallest and 11 the most when I’ve been there, with a pool of about 20, and on average 6 or so. All sorts of us!

Is there a defined list of specific prayer requests or more general prayers? 

It varies in content each day. Anyone can bring anything. We pray for each other, for St Mary’s and The Branch, for our town, our country and the world. From the very specific, to the general. For healing, intercession, wisdom, anything and everything!

Who leads the prayer meeting or do different people lead? 

There is a designated person, different each day, who leads with a scripture or inspirational thought - and we usually close in the Lord’s Prayer or a blessing.

Is there a vision statement to guide the prayer time for Building to Serve? If someone has a 'picture ' or message from God would it be shared with  wider church community?

Georgina sends out B2S prayer points at the start of every week - answers to prayer and requests, which we can use. Generally the material is for those of us there at that time. The day’s leader would certainly ask to share anything significant with the church through James.


Yes, it’s early in the morning, but it’s a brilliant start to the day (or close to your working day). Bringing ourselves to the Lord together. We do enjoy a laugh as well as a tear together. People have said "I wouldn’t miss it for the world" and "These meetings are strangely addictive".

It’s a privilege, “for where two or three gather in my name, I am with them.”

Why not come along one day and give it a try ????

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