Staying Connected

How to "meet" with your small group when you can't gather

Whilst we can't meet in person, there are great opportunities online to make sure we stay connected. We hope these simple instructions below give you an option through video calls to meet when we can't gather.

How to use Zoom for your meeting - click the pictures below

Step-by-step guides to using and running Zoom, with useful pictures

Instructions for how to join in if your group are using Zoom

How to install Zoom and set up a Zoom meeting

Instructions for setting up Google Hangouts for Youth and Small Groups

To use Google Hangouts you must have a Gmail email account. To set one up, please follow the simple steps on this link

To either set up a Google Hangout or join an existing one, please watch the tutorials we have created using the following links.

1. Setting Up a Google Hangout

2. Joining in via a link

We hope these are helpful in creating community in a virtual setting.

If you have any problems, please follow this link

Listening from a landline number?

To listen to to St Mary's sermons, services or talks from a landline number, please call: 01183 240971

This will connect you to the most recent thing posted, but the link will be updated regularly.

What's happening soon?

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