Prayer Space

As the children go back to St. Mary's Primary School after the half-term holiday, we'll be launching the Prayer Space, which will run 12th-16th November.

If you aren’t sure what happens, we take over a classroom for the week, set up four prayer stations and pretty much every child in the school will have a chance to visit. It’s also open after school for parents to come and see too. I love that we can give children such an exciting and accessible opportunity to engage with God in a safe space.

We’ll be looking at thanking God for all we have, saying sorry for the times we mess up, asking God for anything we may need and giving the children a chance to dream about what they’d like to see in the local community. 

We’ll also have a time of prayer for the Prayer Space on 5th November at 7:30-8:45pm, in the Parish Rooms and this is an open invitation for anyone in the church who would love to pray for the children as they discover new ways to meet with God.

We’ll tell you a bit more about each station in the prayer space as well, and of course there will be yummy treats.

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