Lectio Divina

15 minutes of scripture - weekdays at noon - throughout Lent

We've been thinking about new ways that we might all be fed and built up as the church family during Lent, especially given how frayed so many people’s lives are at the moment. As a result we'd like to offer the opportunity, for anyone who would like to join us online, to pause at midday of every weekday in Lent and engage in 15 minutes of Lectio Divina.

If you’re not familiar with Lectio Divina, it involves no prior skills or training and essentially involves just turning up and pausing for long enough to allow God to speak directly into our lives at any given moment. So that it can be easily accommodated within even the busiest schedule, it won't take up more than 15 minutes, during which we'll listen to a passage of Scripture being read slowly two or three times, taking note of any specific words or phrases that God spotlights to us as being particularly relevant to our lives in that moment.

For a bit more insight into Lectio, you might like to listen to Sue Coyne talking about how helpful she’s found it to be (www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF_huV3ztiQ).

Do join us as often as you would like. There’ll always be someone leading a session, Mondays to Fridays from Ash Wednesday (17th February) up to the Easter weekend itself.

Topic:  Lectio Divina
Time: 12:00 PM London
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