Kenya Mission Trip

This summer, we have a brilliant opportunity to take a group of young people to Kenya on an overseas mission with the Rafiki Thabo Foundation (which was established in our Benefice by Jon Uglow). We plan for our youth to share the love of Jesus by serving communities which don’t enjoy the same privileges as us, not only practically but also by sharing our experience of God with other young people in a totally different culture.

Overseas mission can be totally life changing for many, and our hope is that the trip will help our young people grow in their faith as they are pushed well out of their comfort zones and witness God at work. We pray that we impact the people we meet, but also that we ourselves will be forever changed by our encounters and experiences. Just imagine the results if we can bring back those life lessons and faith building moments to Chipping Norton and impact our whole community!

We’d love the whole church family to journey with us by supporting us in prayer. We'll be keeping you updated on how the team are getting on...

16 July: Two days to go: Please remember the Kenya team in your prayers as they travel on Wednesday 18th. Pray for safety, wisdom, togetherness and for God to transform lives.

18 July 06:00: The flight has been cancelled and the party are being split up and re-routed. Please pray that everyone arrives safely with their luggage. Pray that this development would bring new opportunities. Pray especially for anyone who is feeling anxious.

18 July 06:45: The boys made it onto their flight, depsite having to get to the furthest gate, with one minute to spare. The girls are still waiting for their flight via Amsterdam.

Jonny: "Thanks for your prayers everyone. Difficult journey so far and we haven't even made it out of London yet..."

18 July 12:15: Both parties have made their connections; the boys by the skin of their teeth! They will all arrive in Nairobi tonight.

18 July 21:45: All landed, but boys' and Kathryn's luggage is still in Frankfurt!

18 July 22:00: Everyone's made it safely to the guest house.

19 July 21.00: An amazing day, with a bit of sight-seeing...

20 July 07:00: All of the luggage arrived in the middle of the night... a blessing in many ways and clean t-shirts all round!

One of the young people is pleased to be reunited with all ten of her bags:


22 July: Everyone is back at the guest house after an epic trip to church!

Isobel: "We're home too after a round trip of 11 hours to church .! The service itself was 6 hours - full of singing and dancing and a very long talk and then lunch after of some disgusting bean and root and chicken mixture!! Church was up into the mountains and there were amazing views and banana and avocado and papaya and mango and orange trees! The roads are hilarious - partly non-existent because of the amount of potholes and we all pile into the car about 7 in the back! Don't worry it's safe tho ;) just sitting down to dinner in the kitchen .. Yet to open the lid and find out what surprise is in there!"

Some pictures from Sunday:

And here is the view from the church...


24 July: The team have had two busy and amazing days. They have planted trees to give the children more shade, led Bible studies with the school boys, played basketball matches, visited the preschool to play with the children and give out the gifts they took, and then taken a walk through the slums to meet with people. 

Tomorrow morning they leave at 5am (3am our time) for a mini safari with the Bishop's driver in the hope of spotting lions. Please be praying for a wonderful and safe experience and praise God that they are all well and getting on well.

25 July: The group are all back from an amazing 12 hour safari experience. Thank you for your prayers... when you see their transport (below) you will see that it was a miracle they got there and back!!!

26 July: Today’s painting project, painting the entrance to the school.

Before & after...

28 July: Last push to finish the painting project today, and after that the group will experience a bit of African family life by heading off into the hills for a wedding and then staying overnight with local families.

31 July: This evening the group begin their journey back to Chipping Norton. Please pray for safe travels - especially the overland section of the journey in Kenya.

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