Our Easter services are cancelled. Our Easter hope is not!

Podcasts, live broadcasts and home activities for Easter


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 We write this to you, conscious that every one of us is affected by the wave of fear triggered by the coronavirus crisis. It’s interesting, though, that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is made up of two characters meaning ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Easter is the time when, perhaps more than any other, we celebrate how God can bring new opportunity out of apparent crisis, new hope out of danger or despair and even new life out of death. The Bible tells us that, in Jesus, God shared in our humanity so that - by his death - he might destroy the power of death and free those who were held in the fear of death (Hebrews 2:14-15). The fear of death has certainly been unmasked in recent weeks, but - even more wonderfully than the many good things that are emerging as communities learn to pull together again - Easter reminds us that we can all be freed from that terrible fear of death when we place our trust in the only one who can defeat it. What incredible hope that brings! It’s our prayer that you can embrace it and so know the power of God’s love this Easter. 

James and Emma Kennedy

From 5 April . Holy Week Boxes . activity for all ages

From 5 April . Holy Week at Home . booklet for Holy Week reflections

Good Friday 10 April . reflective podcast for Good Friday

Easter Sunday 12 April . Holy Communion . 9.00am . livestreamed from The Vicarage, Chipping Norton

If you would like to follow the words on a service sheet, click here to download

Easter Sunday 12 April . Children's Church Video Easter Special. podcast . 10.00am

Easter Sunday 12 April . All age Easter celebration . podcast . 10.00am

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Family Craft Bags Wed 3rd Jun St. Mary's Church porch More info
Midweek Reflections Wed 3rd Jun Zoom More info
1st Priority Prayer Wed 3rd Jun Zoom More info