Desert Island Discs...

...or Songs of Self-isolation!



Hugh makes some excellent recommendations and comes up with an ingenious solution to being on his own!
We asked Hugh, "If you could only take two songs, one book and one luxury item into isolation, what would you go for?"

Song 1

Psalm 23, Brother James’s Air

I should like Psalm 23, Brother James’s Air sung by my step-granddaughter, Elizabeth as she did at our wedding.  She sang it quite beautifully and I know I would never get tired of it.


Song 2

A Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter

The second song is A Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter sung by The Cambridge Singers.  Elizabeth sang a solo version of this at our wedding as well.


The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose

I am making the customary assumption that I can take The Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare.  I have chosen The Oxford Book of Humorous Prosewhich is a 1,147 page “conducted tour by Frank Muir” from William Caxton to PG Wodehouse.  It has excerpts from the writings of a wealth of authors through the ages and I am sure it would be guaranteed to make me smile during the warm tropical evenings!


Luxury item

This is really quite difficult – my shortlist included The Macallan and Marmite on toast but I finally decided that a bowling green would provide the most long-lasting enjoyment.  I had to give up golf a few years ago but have found that bowls is a very good substitute.  As I would have no-one to play against I would have to take two sets of bowls and play my left hand against my right hand in order to introduce some sort of competition!

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