Thy Kingdom Come

Global prayer initiative

We’re joining the global initiative to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ between Ascension (10th May) and Pentecost (20th May).

We’ll be praying in each church in the Benefice - one every day at 6.30pm (see details below) until Saturday 19th May, when there’ll be a longer prayer event at St Mary’s, Chipping Norton.

We're also hoping that people at St Mary's will commit to pray for the 24 hours leading up to Pentecost Sunday, so if you'd like to join in please sign up here:

(The Parish Rooms will be open, with prayer stations available, between 12 and 6pm on Saturday 19th May. Outside of those times, you are signing up to commit to praying in your own homes.)



Schedule of prayer events:

Friday 11th May - Chastleton - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Saturday 12th May - Little Rollright - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Sunday 13th May - Churchill - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Monday 14th May - Little Compton - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Tuesday 15th May - Over Norton - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Wednesday 16th May - Cornwell - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Thursday 17th May - Kingham - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes

Friday 18th May - Salford - 6.30pm for 15-20 minutes


Saturday 19th May - St Mary’s (Parish Rooms), Chipping Norton - from 12pm-6pm.


Please do join us for any of these (or as many of them as you can) - it would be great for as many of us as possible to pray in each of the villages. We look forward to seeing you there.

What's happening soon?

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