Women's breakfast

07 October 2017 08:30

We would love to join us as the latest member of the St Mary’s team, Ursula, shares her story…

“When I was a student, I thought I could put God in my ‘Pending Tray’ – to think about when I was old. But God would not be pigeon-holed! After a couple of years of typical student life – late nights, racing to catch deadlines, parties – God faced me with a decision. I am so, so glad He did! I could have just gone on as I was. Now, forty years later, (marriage, five children including twins, four countries) I look back and see – the struggles between frustration and satisfaction, finding identity, all too slow growth in confidence, adjusting to the stages of life… It’s still ‘work-in-progress’ but what an amazing journey it’s been!”

You can choose from a Full English Breakfast or a Continental Breakfast – please specify your preference when you book. the cost is £8, payable on the morning.

Our breakfasts are always a sell out! To book a ticket please email women@stmaryscnorton.com or call 01608 646202.